Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

  • Available Nationwide
  • 100% Confidential
  • Fast Results
  • Accuracy Guaranteed

Non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP) or Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

Are you pregnant and unsure of who the biological father might be? We can immediately help reduce your stress by providing a non-invasion, prenatal paternity test.

There is NO NEED to wait until the child is born to determine the biological father. Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is a DNA test performed during pregnancy to determine the biological father of an unborn child.

My Forever DNA offer’s the most comprehensive DNA Testing Services Industry-wide. We provide the highest quality customer service industry-wide—ensuring accuracy and 100% confidentiality.

A Prenatal Paternity DNA Test Offers:

  • 100% Safe
  • Peace of Mind
  • Early Results (beginning the 7th week of pregnancy)
  • Option for FREE Gender DNA Test (with the same blood draw from mother)
  • Time to Bond with Unborn Child
  • No Medical Risk (simple blood draw from the mother, cheek swab from the alleged father)
  • Establishes Legal Benefits (inheritance and social security)
  • Medical History for Child
  • Opportunity for Paternal Bond
  • No Need for DNA Test After Birth of the Child
  • 3,500 Collection Sites Nationwide

My Forever DNA Offers:

  • Fast Results! – 3-7 business days after DNA samples arrive at our lab
  • 99.99% Accuracy – Our contracted lab holds the highest number of accreditations industry-wide*
  • Trusted Results
  • One-on-one Customer Care
  • State-of-the-art Technology and Methods


Starting cost – $1699

  • Pay in full for a discounted rate.
  • Payment plans are available through our Sezzle after-pay program.

Starting cost – $1599 at Omaha, NE location

  • Payment option: First payment of $799.50 is due the day of the test. The second payment of $799.50 is due before the results are given.
  • Additional payment plans are available through our Sezzle after-pay program.

For additional information, please call our office at 402-800-7161 or complete the CONFIDENTIAL information request form. A friendly, knowledgeable DNA specialist will assist you in determining the right plan of action for your needs.

Be cautious of at-home prenatal DNA testing or online companies promoting inexpensive prenatal testing. These tests lack accuracy, and most of the laboratories promoting “budget-friendly” offers are NOT located in the United States. These laboratories are not governed to hold the same standards and will most likely lead to questionable results.

*AABB Accredited, CAP Accredited (College of American Pathologists), CLIA, ANAB ISO/IEC 17025, A+ Rating with the BBB


  • Q. What if the alleged father lives in a different location than the mother?
  • A. We can arrange for the mother to go to a clinic near her and the alleged father to a clinic near him.
  • Q. What is the cost of a reliable prenatal paternity DNA test?
  • A. Starting Cost $1699 – Payment Plans Available
  • Q. Does health insurance or Medicaid cover the cost of a prenatal paternity DNA test?
  • A. Unfortunately, no, because the test is not deemed medically necessary. We do offer payment plans.
  • Q: How is non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing performed?
  • A: A mother’s blood is drawn in a lab, and the test detects her DNA and a small amount of the baby’s DNA. We compare a mouth swab from the alleged father against the blood sample to determine if there is a DNA match.
  • Q: How accurate is this test?
  • A: My Forever DNA tests are over 99.99% accurate.
  • Q: How early can an accurate test be performed?
  • A: Extremely reliable results can be acquired through testing after the 9th week of pregnancy.