Make Your Own DNA Test Kit

If you or some else is questioning the paternity of a child, this test will determine with accuracy if a male is the true biological father of a child or adult. Anyone can be tested using our home DNA test and no identification is required. The test can be taken at the comfort of your home and no appointment is necessary. Home paternity testing is your easiest and most affordable solution. All lab fees are included and there are no hidden fees. You may also add on additional people to be tested (for an additional fee per person).

  Samples are collected in the privacy of your home, confidentiality is guaranteed

With this Make Your Own Kit format, you will not receive anything in the mail. Instead, you collect your samples and send them into the lab directly. This DIY DNA kit can be a more cost-effective option and also ensure you receive your results even sooner!


Upon purchase, you will download the Make Your Own Kit instructions. You will be responsible for correctly collecting and sending samples into our lab. Once our lab receives your samples, you can expect results within 1-3 business days!