At Home DNA Test Kit

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other of cheating? Find out now with the at-home infidelity DNA test kit. Although the test results are not admissible in court, the infidelity DNA test answers can help you uncover the answers you need. DNA testing provides a conclusive way to find out if someone is cheating on you. We are able to confirm or deny the presence of male/female DNA on suspicious items such as undergarments, sheets, clothing, condoms, etc. Once we have confirmed the item does contain DNA, we can run a powerful DNA comparative analysis to identify the DNA source (was it yours or someone elses?).

All Infidelity DNA Tests require at least one piece of evidence and a known reference sample of the person believed to be cheated on. For discreet orders, all infidelity DNA test samples will be collected as a create-your-own kit. To collect the evidence and prepare it for shipping, simply place the item in a paper bag or envelope. Avoid the urge to put it in a plastic bag. Seal the envelope or paper bag with tape. Please don’t lick the envelope so as not to contaminate the sample.

By submitting a reference sample for yourself, we’ll be able to determine if the DNA found belongs to you or if there is a third-party involved. Adding a reference sample is fast, free, and included with the price of the test. We’ll have you swab the inside of your mouth for 20 seconds, and again with the other side. When finished, include the cotton swab in a new paper envelope marked ‘Reference’.

Get the peace of mind you need. Buy now or call 1-402-800-7161 to speak with a DNA Specialist to discuss your suspected infidelity issue.

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Our infidelity detection kit includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for completing your pain-free DNA cheek swab, along with all the materials you will need.

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It participates annually in the College of American Pathologists proficiency testing. You can trust your results with our proven lab.