DNA Testing Services at Our Omaha Office – $229

Grandparent DNA testing will determine if a grandmother and grandfather are the biological relatives of their grandchild. This test can be done in the place of a paternity DNA test in cases when the biological father of a child is unavailable or deceased and thus, a paternity DNA test is not possible. All lab fees are included for one alleged grandparent and one child and there are no hidden fees. Add on another person to be tested for an additional fee. Our lab is AABB accredited and tests 46 DNA markers for the highest accuracy available (most other labs test 16 or 21 markers)! The cost for this test is $229.

This grandparent test is available by appointment only, so call 1-402-800-7161 to schedule yours today. We are usually able to see you the same day. With an in-office grandparent test, you have the benefit of the collection being performed in a medical office by a medical professional, you can verify whose DNA is being collected, and there is no waiting for an at-home kit to arrive in the mail. We can even see the test recipients at different times, and in different locations to collect the samples.

  46 marker test for greatest accuracy guaranteed!


Our tests are 99.99% accurate because we test more markers than anyone else! Most other labs test 16 or 21 DNA markers.

  Get fast results!

You can expect results by email 1-3 business days after all samples are received at our lab.

  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service!

All your questions are welcome. Call 1-402-800-7161 or email to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff for this highly personal and sensitive process.

  AABB Accredited and our laboratory is based in the United States

It participates annually in the College of American Pathologists proficiency testing. You can trust your results with our proven lab.

This test is also available in an easy-to-use At-Home Grandparent DNA Test and a Make Your Own Kit format, where you will not receive anything in the mail, instead you collect your samples at home and send them into the lab directly. This can be a more cost-effective option and also helps ensure you receive your results even sooner!