Non-Invasive DNA Testing to Determine Paternity While You’re Pregnant

My Forever DNA provides non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA testing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our prenatal paternity testing is confidential, fast, affordable, and accurate. Our customer support is unmatched! Emotions run high during pregnancy, let them be of joy and excitement, not concern and worry over who is the father of your unborn child. Not waiting until the birth to find out can mean less stress for the mother, which leads to a healthier and happier baby, and time for the father to be involved during pregnancy, leading to a stronger father/child bond. If you don’t want to wait to determine the biological father of your unborn child, prenatal testing may be the best option for you. This risk-free, non-invasive test can be conducted as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy and a doctor’s order is not needed! Blood is drawn from the mother, and alleged fathers only need to perform a pain-free mouth swab. This test includes swabs and lab fees for up to two alleged fathers (more can be tested for an additional fee). This test provides 99.99% accuracy and it is legally binding. To learn more, call 1-402-800-7161 or email us today! The Prenatal Paternity DNA Test we offer includes two alleged fathers and is legally binding. Please call to purchase this DNA test as is does require an in-office appointment: 1-402-800-7161.