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Delivering Answers, Regardless of Distance: Determine Twins’ Zygosity Regardless of Distance: Our test accurately reveals whether twins are monozygotic (identical) or dizygotic (fraternal), even if they’re miles apart. This information is vital for understanding twin genetics in your family, especially as fraternal twins can be hereditary. It offers crucial insights for future family planning. In medical situations, such as needing an organ or tissue transplant, identifying an identical twin as a donor can be invaluable. This test also helps in assessing risks for certain illnesses or disorders, or simply satisfies personal curiosity. It’s designed to be straightforward and is suitable for all ages, including newborns.


  • Receive two kits swiftly via FedEx’s 2-day service, with all stages trackable, and return shipping included.
  • Email updates with full shipment tracking, ensuring transparency.
  • Receive an email alert as soon as all samples arrive at our laboratory, with the assurance of rapid results within 1-3 business days from the time we receive all samples at our facility.
  • Effortless and Straightforward – we take care of everything for you, from DNA sample tracking to result monitoring, eliminating the need for regular online portal checks. Just relax and let us manage all the finer details.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: Your purchase comprehensively covers all laboratory fees and includes discreet shipping of two kits. Each kit is fully prepared with user-friendly instructions, FDA-approved buccal swabs, a result notification form, DNA sample envelopes, and a prepaid FedEx envelope. This ensures a smooth and straightforward DNA collection process without any hidden costs.

PRESTIGIOUS US LAB: Partnering with an AABB-accredited US lab, which also undergoes yearly evaluations by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), assures top-notch accuracy.

UNMATCHED ACCURACY: We utilize cutting-edge technology, testing 24 DNA (Genetic) markers + Amelogenin. Dual Process technology ensures double verification, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and confidentiality, endorsed by our Chief Scientific Officer with over 20 years in the field.

FAST, SECURE RESULTS & EXEMPLARY SERVICE: Receive immediate alerts once both participants’ DNA samples reach our laboratory. Anticipate confidential and secure outcomes within 1-3 business days, accessible via email, US Mail, or both for increased confidentiality. Benefit from our exceptional customer support, committed to your total satisfaction.

PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Benefit from our tailored service! A dedicated Customer Care Specialist will keep you updated and address any questions, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and your peace of mind.

EXPERIENCE THE EASE OF MY FOREVER DNA: No need for online kit registration or frequent check-ins. From your initial purchase, we ensure you’re always in the loop. Get email updates with your kit’s tracking numbers, and once your DNA samples reach our lab, you’ll be paired with a dedicated DNA Specialist. They’ll be your contact for any questions, keeping you informed about your sample’s status, processing times, and when your results are complete. Our aim is to provide a stress-free DNA testing experience, managing everything on your behalf.

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