Sibling – Multiple Location

At-Home Sibling DNA Genetic Test Kit

Do you suspect you may share a parent with someone? A DNA test kit for siblings may be able to determine that. With the Multiple Location Sibling DNA Test Kit, we will ship two kits and match the samples at the lab, giving you results within 1-3 business days after both samples are received.

Although it is not as powerful as the paternity or maternity test in providing absolute conclusive results of sibling relationships, the Sibling DNA Genetic Test is the next best option. When the alleged parent or parents are not available for testing, the Sibling DNA Test provides the likelihood that the alleged siblings are full siblings, half-siblings, or not related at all. The full genetic report is included with every test.

Whenever the parents are available for testing, the DNA Paternity or Maternity Test is recommended over the Sibling DNA Test.

What to Expect with a Multiple Location DNA Test Kit for Siblings

  • Unique Identification numbers are assigned to ensure matching of the DNA samples at the lab.
  • Both kits will be shipped FedEx (2 Day Shipping), a prepaid FedEx (2 Day Shipping) envelope to return samples to our lab will be included.
  • Tracking numbers will be emailed once shipped. Return tracking numbers will also be included to allow you to monitor the process every step of the way.
  • Once both participants’ DNA samples arrive at our laboratory, an email notification will be sent. You can then expect results within 1-3 business days.

Private & Confidential

Complete your pain-free DNA cheek swab in the privacy of your home using the materials and step-by-step instructions. Results are held in the strictest confidence and made accessible only to you.

46 DNA (Genetic) Marker Test – Greatest Accuracy Guaranteed!

99.99% Accurate – 46 DNA (Genetic) Marker + gender identification marker amelogenin. We test more markers than anyone else! Most other labs only test 16 or 21 DNA markers. By testing 46 DNA markers, our test provides the greatest accuracy to our valued customers.

Exclusions are independently tested twice to ensure accuracy.

No Hidden Fees

This sibling genetic DNA test includes all lab fees to compare DNA patterns between two individuals (potential siblings). However, additional individuals can be tested for an added per-person fee. When possible, we recommend adding the mother of one of the potential siblings, which greatly increases the likelihood of conclusive results. Please call our office for details, at 1-402-800-7161.

Free Shipping

The DNA kit for siblings will be shipped via FedEx. A prepaid FedEx envelope to return samples to our lab will be included. The tracking numbers will be emailed to the address provided, giving you the ability to monitor the samples every step of the way! For international shipping, please call 1-402-800-7161 or email

Fast Results

You can expect results by email 1-3 business days after all samples are received at our lab.

Gold Standard Testing

Excellent Customer Service

All questions are welcome. Call 1-402-800-7161 or email to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

This sibling test is also available in a Make Your Own Kit, allowing you to collect your own samples at home and send them directly to the lab.