Can DNA Paternity Testing Really Be Simple?

There's nothing like the feeling of getting a definitive result if you've been struggling with paternity questions. If you're wondering how to establish paternity, a DNA paternity test is the answer. While there was a time when this required a visit to a clinic if you wanted to get valid, accurate results, you can now purchase a DNA paternity test kit that can be completed at home. This article answers all your questions about paternity testing.

What Is Paternity Testing?

DNA paternity testing establishes a biological parent-child relationship. Every person inherits deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from both their mother and father. In the case of a paternity test, profiles are created for the alleged father and child that can be compared to determine if genetic markers indicate a match. Tests will either confirm a genetic parental match or exclude someone from being a biological parent.

Here at My Forever DNA, our laboratory tests the highest number of DNA genetic markers in the industry. While most DNA labs stop at 16 or 21 DNA markers, we test Up to 34 DNA (Genetic) Markers! Your sample will be handled and tested at a USA-based lab with the highest number of accreditations possible in the DNA-testing industry. 

Do You Have to Be in the Same Room to Do a Paternity Test?

No! DNA samples can be collected from separate people living miles apart! When samples are sent to a lab, unique identification numbers make it possible to pair samples together. There is no reduction in testing accuracy when a potential father and child submit samples from different locations.

How Accurate Is DNA Based Paternity Testing?

DNA testing for both maternity and paternity is considered to be highly reliable. So, can DNA tests confirm father? Yes, according to government data, the reliability of DNA testing to prove parenthood has advanced to the industry-accepted standard of 99.999%.

Paternity Testing Doesn't Have to Be Invasive

Parental DNA testing can be both accurate and discreet. While invasive blood tests that require a technician to draw blood with a needle are often used by doctors when DNA testing is requested, saliva is considered to be even more reliable. That's why DNA kits today use a cheek swab. This easy, pain-free option can be used for kids of all ages. Additionally, it can be possible to achieve accuracy near 100% using samples originating from toothbrushes, hair, fingernail clippings, ear wax, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and more.

What Are Some Reasons Why a Person Might Use a Home DNA Paternity Kit?

Let's be honest for a minute about why most people search for an easy legal paternity test online. Curiosity is one of the driving factors behind why people take DNA tests. In some cases, it's a nagging curiosity that makes a person feel like something just isn't right. In other cases, it's a curiosity that drives someone to confirm a paternal relationship after finally connecting with someone who may be a match. Common reasons why people use DNA paternity test kits include:

  • Custody Situations: A paternity test can be the final word in a custody case. For fathers, a paternity test allows custody or visitation requests to move forward. For mothers, a paternity test can determine the other party's right to have visitation with a child.
  • Child Support: Data from the United States Census Bureau shows that just 44% of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support they are entitled to receive. Many cases are stagnant because the male denies being the biological parent of the child that is not being supported. For men who are paying child support in a situation that raises questions, a DNA paternity test kit can provide valuable answers.
  • Inheritance Rights: When a family member dies without a settled estate, paternity testing can help to determine default legal heirs. It can even be used to contest a will.
  • Benefits Rights: Proving paternity can help to open access to Social Security payments or life insurance rewards.
  • Citizenship Eligibility: In situations where birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other forms of documentation are not available, DNA paternity testing can potentially be used as proof in citizen and immigration cases.
  • Access to a Child's Complete Medical History: When a child is able to confirm a genetic paternal relationship, they gain more than just confirmation of their father's identity. They gain a full library of information regarding family medical history. Believing that the wrong person is your father prevents you from knowing about conditions and diseases that you inherited from birth. This can prevent you from seeking essential preventative screenings or treatments.

Of course, the most important reason why a person might pursue a paternal DNA test is peace of mind. A paternity test can put to rest questions about a genetic relationship between two people. For many people who seek these tests, confirmation can help fathers to establish stronger emotional bonds with their children because they are able to put away questions. A person may feel that it's hard to truly move forward in life until they can get that definitive answer that will make them feel that they are part of an authentic, permanent parental relationship with a child that they know and love.

What Is the Easiest Way to Do Paternity Testing?

There's no doubt that emotions are running high if you're looking for an easy online DNA kit. This is precisely why we developed My Forever DNA to help you get an accurate, affordable paternity kit quickly. Our customers get guaranteed 99.999% accurate results in just three days after their samples arrive at our lab!

Which DNA Test Is Best For Finding the Father?

Have you seen us in the news lately? In addition to earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), My Forever DNA has been voted a #1 DNA testing company by Verywell Family, The Chicago Tribune, and many more! Unlike DNA testing companies that store your data in a searchable bank that can be mined by others, we never sell or share your information. This is 100% confidential DNA paternity testing that doesn't make money from your data the way that, 23and Me, Family Tree, and so many other big names do. Order your Home DNA Paternity Test Kit today for peace of mind through paternity testing. We believe that it's never too early, too late, or too difficult to get accurate answers!


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