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You've waited long enough for DNA answers. The Make Your Own Kit (MYOK) from My Forever DNA lets you begin the testing process today without any need to wait for a kit to arrive. Learn about the fastest way to get your DNA results!

Why Choose the MYOK?

Do you have pressing DNA questions that you want to finally settle? Are you eager to get answers about paternity? Do you need extra privacy when conducting a DNA test? You may be a good candidate for a Make Your Own Kit (MYOK). Countless people from around the world have already received the answers they're seeking from the comfort of home. Using a MYOK, you can get accurate, professional results from an AABB-Accredited lab in the United States without a trip to a clinic or doctor's office. This is a secret DNA test with no waiting. Options include:

  • DNA Paternity Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Twin Zygosity DNA Test
  • Full Sibling DNA Test
  • Half Sibling DNA Test
  • Grandparent DNA Test
  • Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

With an ordinary DNA paternity test or familial DNA test, it's necessary to wait for a kit to be sent to you after placing your order online. The MYOK is a different type of home DNA paternity test that allows you to get your test results with added speed and privacy. There's no wait time! Once you complete your purchase online, you can begin collecting your DNA samples as soon as you receive your confirmation email. You can send samples to our lab for analysis the same day. Most My Forever DNA customers get their results within one to three business days after arrival of DNA Samples to Lab.

Can You Make Your Own DNA Test Kit?

Absolutely! At My Forever DNA, we understand your need for a discreet and confidential DNA test that you can complete at home. With standard DNA tests, kits that are mailed to your home can raise suspicions. That's why we designed the MYOK test option to allow you to complete a professional DNA test at home without a designated kit. We'll tell you exactly how to assemble your own kit using everyday objects in your home to create a package that our lab can use to conduct Accurate, Fast DNA testing at our state-of-the-art facility located in the Midwest. Nothing is shipped to your home at any point during your DNA testing process with the MYOK from My Forever DNA

How Does It Work?

You can start the process of getting DNA results right now! First, purchase a MYOK test from You'll immediately receive an email containing the instructions you need to conduct your at-home DNA test. Unlike testing kits that require you to use materials that obviously belong to a DNA kit, our MYOK test is designed to allow you to use everyday objects in your home to extract DNA samples. Here's all you need:

  • Printer - To download and print out simple step-by-step instructions. If you don’t have a printer, you can handwrite the needed information.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Paper envelopes.
  • Tape.
  • A pen.
  • Scissors.

Following the step-by-step directions found in your confirmation email, you'll collect DNA samples on your own. Next, you'll mail your DNA samples in an envelope with the Completed Result Notification form that is included in your confirmation email to our lab for analysis. Once your homemade kit arrives at our lab, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know! This speedy option that cuts out the need to wait for a kit to arrive at your home allows you to expedite the testing process to get your answers faster! You also don't have to worry about a DNA testing kit being intercepted by a member of your household.

What Objects Can Be Used for a DNA Test at Home?

When you order your MYOK test from My Forever DNA, you'll be given detailed instructions that cover the best items for collecting DNA. When doing a direct collection, using a clean Q-tip/cotton swab to collect cheek cells is ideal.

If you're looking for a DNA test using Discreet or Alternative Samples, you have come to the right place! MYOK is a great way to send alternative or discreet DNA Samples instead of a kit being shipped. Some of the alternative or discrete DNA samples we recommend include toothbrushes, razors, tissues, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and bandages. Any object that is likely to contain earwax, mucus, dried blood, hair, or nail clippings is ideal.

Can a Home DNA Test Be Accurate?

While there was a time when it was necessary to visit a testing facility to conduct a DNA paternity test, technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds in recent years. You can now use a simple DNA paternity test kit to get results that are 99.999% accurate! My Forever DNA is a pioneer in accurate, affordable at-home DNA tests that allow our customers to get the definitive answers they've been longing for after having questions about their genetic identities.

My Forever DNA ensures the greatest level of accuracy possible by testing for up to 46 DNA (Genetic) Markers. Most other DNA labs only test for between 16 and 21 markers. Additionally, we include the gender identification marker amelogenin to allow you to have the highest confidence in your results possible. In fact, our DNA testing procedures meet all requirements for court-ordered DNA tests. Our home DNA tests are processed in the same lab used for legal DNA tests to provide eager, curious at-home clients with the same level of accuracy and impeccability we provide to our legal clients.

Can I Do an Online DNA Test from My Forever DNA If I'm Outside of the United States?

Yes! In fact, the Make Your Own Kit is an ideal option for customers living outside of the United States who want accurate results from an accredited laboratory in the United States. With this wait-free option, international customers can avoid extra shipping fees and long wait times. Simply begin the process today from wherever you are in the world!

Start Your DIY Online DNA Test Today

My Forever DNA has created the easiest way to get a DNA test online! Don't settle for substitutes that are tested at low-quality labs around the world. Only My Forever DNA provides MYOK testing that is 99.999% accurate. If you don't have a need to be discreet, you can also order a traditional DNA test kit from My Forever DNA with materials and instructions that will be shipped directly to your home discreetly with FedEx. Your experience will be 100% confidential regardless of which My Forever DNA option you choose. Start the journey to getting your definitive answer today!