Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing to have a DNA test done can be stressful, we have complied a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, we welcome you to contact our friendly knowledgeable staff by phone at 402-800-7161.

Q. Can you ship DNA Kits to Multiple Locations?

A. Yes! Are the people being tested located in different locations? Do you want to avoid seeing the other person being tested? No problem! We can send DNA test kits to multiple locations for all tests we offer. Regardless of the DNA test, they can be conducted effortlessly even if the parties are in different cities or even in different countries. We can send DNA kits to different locations and then match samples up, using names, birth dates, and unique identification numbers for testing at our AABB Accredited Laboratory. Learn more about our multiple location or split kits.

Q. How long can I store the samples after collection before shipping it back?

A. We recommend that you send the samples back to our laboratory for testing as soon as possible after sample collection. However, the samples are stable at room temperature for up to three months after sample collection and you may send the samples back anytime within three months of sample collection. Use a Paper Envelope to return DNA Samples back to our Lab. *Never store or ship DNA Samples in any type of plastic or Ziploc Bag.

Q. How soon can I expect my DNA Test to arrive once purchased from website?

A. We will ship your DNA Test Kit FedEx Express (2 Day Shipping), if your order is placed after 2pm CST Monday - Friday the kit will be shipped the next business day. Kits that are purchased on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Tracking Numbers will be emailed once shipped, as an added bonus we provide a FedEx (2 Day Shipping) prepaid/addresses envelope to return your DNA Samples back to our lab for faster results.

Q. How Accurate Are Your Home DNA Tests?

A. 99.99% Accurate.
We Test the highest numbers of DNA Markers in the industry! Most other DNA labs test 16 or 21 markers.
• 24 DNA (Genetic) Markers - Paternity & Maternity Tests
• 46 DNA (Genetic) Markers - Sibling, Grandparent, and Aunt/Uncle Tests
Our partnered lab is located in the United States and is AABB Accredited, meaning it is held to the highest standards of accuracy and proficiency in DNA testing. In fact, our Home DNA Tests are performed in the same laboratory as our Legal DNA Tests, all tests include the same level of accuracy.

Q. What does the test kit contain?

A. Everything you need to Collect and Return your DNA Samples back to our Laboratory
Easy to Understand, Step-by-Step Instructions on how to properly collect you DNA Samples
STERILE Buccal/Cheek Swabs (2 swabs per packet)
DNA Sample Envelopes
Result Notification Form
FedEx (Prepaid/Addressed) Envelope

Q. Are you able to perform Discreet or Secret DNA Test?

A. Yes, with discreet DNA testing, you may choose to secretly test someone by using and sending us samples such as hair, fingernail clippings, ear wax swabs, toothbrush, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and much more. We don’t guarantee that DNA will be found on the sample that you provide to us, but if it does contain DNA, we can compare it to yours or your loved one to determine paternity, maternity, sibling, grandparent, aunt/uncle.
Learn more about the discreet DNA testing specimens we can test.

Q. What other types of samples can be tested, other than buccal cells?

A. If a buccal cell sample (cheek swab) cannot be taken because the individual is unavailable, DNA testing can be performed on a wide range of forensic samples. Examples of samples which can be tested include: toothbrush, dried blood stains, Kleenex with mucus, hair and/or hairbrush, razor. Insert Link to List of Discreet DNA Samples that can be used:
Alternative Sample Options

Q. Can I order a DNA paternity test kit if I live outside of North America?

A. Yes. My Forever DNA Kits can be sent to any country worldwide, there is an additional fee to ship internationally. Please call our office for details 1-402-800-7161.

Q. Can a Newborn Baby be tested?

A. Yes, it’s very easy to collect cheek swabs from a Newborn.

Q. Can a Paternity Test be performed without the Mother?

A. Yes. If the mother does not want or cannot be tested, we are still able to performed the test on the Alleged Father and Child. These results are just as accurate as if the mother participated.

Q. Is it painful to give a DNA sample?

A. No. Our DNA testing kits are easy to use, done with a simple buccal cheek swab. Think of rubbing a large Q-tip on your inner mouth cheeks – that’s not painful at all. During buccal swab testing, a special swab is used to collect cells by rubbing vigorously on the inside of the cheek for 30 seconds. Those samples are sent to a lab where they are inspected for any signs of tampering or contamination. Then, the DNA samples are analyzed for a match between the child and potential father (or grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling).

Q. How long does it take to get my DNA results?

A. You can expect results within 1-3 business days after we have received all samples. We will notify you when samples arrive at our lab, via the email you provided on the Result Notification Form you will return with your DNA Samples. There is no online portal to register for. Instead, you’ll get the confidential results in the way you choose: by email, phone, or US Mail.

Q. Do you share my DNA with other’s?

A. NO! That’s what makes My Forever DNA Unique, you never have to worry about your information or DNA Data being put out in the world for others to view, find or locate you. Unlike other DNA Testing Companies, we DO NOT Share, Sell, or distribute your information into a data bank for others to find or locate you. 100% Confidential Privacy Policy

Q. How does home DNA testing work? Can you really trust a Home DNA test to be as accurate as one performed in a doctor’s office?

A. Yes. DNA testing is not as complicated as you might think. Understanding how the collection process and testing works may help you decide if this is the right option for you. DNA is almost identical between all people. We all share 99.99% of the same DNA, however, portions of the genetic makeup can vary from person to person (like a fingerprint).

Everyone receives half of their genetic makeup from their mother and half from their father. During DNA testing, the unique characteristics of DNA from the child and mother are compared. Those characteristics that do not overlap from child to mother then must have been inherited from the father. When comparing DNA between the child and potential father, if these characteristics match up, analysts can determine the likelihood that the man is the biological father.

Our DNA testing kits are easy to use, done with a simple cheek swab, and guarantee 99.99% accuracy. We test 24 or 46 DNA (Genetic) Markers depending on the type of test, the highest in the industry! Most other DNA labs test 16 or 21 markers. Our lab is located in the United States and is AABB Accredited, meaning it is held to the highest standards of accuracy and proficiency in DNA testing. In fact, our Home DNA Tests are performed in the same laboratory as our Legal DNA Tests, all tests include the same level of accuracy.

And bonus, My Forever DNA test results are fast and can be returned via email, mail, or by phone within 1-3 business days. You choose how you’d like your results.

Q. What is the difference between a Paternity and Maternity DNA Test?

A. Paternity Test establishes the Biological Father of a Child
Maternity Test establishes the Biological Mother of a Child.

Q. Can I get a Paternity Test before the Baby is Born?

A. Yes! Paternity can be established before the baby is born by having a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test. This test is only offered at our Omaha, Nebraska Office.

Q. Can a paternity test be performed if the father is missing or deceased?

A. Yes. There are several options available if the father is missing, not available, or deceased.
• Grandparent Test
• Sibling Test
• Aunt or Uncle Test (Avuncular)
• Other Alternatives that can be discussed by calling our office 1-402-800-7161

Q. Do I need a doctor’s order or a court order to start a paternity test?

A. No. anyone can have a paternity test performed legal or informational. No court order or physician order required.
Due to New York State Laws, My Forever DNA is not authorized to sell, ship, or perform testing for New York State residence.

Q. Is Paternity Testing covered by Health Insurance or Medicaid?

A. No. Paternity/DNA Testing is not “Medically Necessary” this is why Health Insurance or Medicaid will not cover the cost of testing.

Q. How will my Kit Arrive?

A. The My Forever DNA collection Kit will be shipped 100% Confidentially in a FedEx Envelope, the name of our company is not given instead it reads “Confidential”. We also include a Prepaid/Addressed FedEx Envelope to send the samples back to our Laboratory for faster results.

Q. Do you have to be 18 years old to participate in a DNA test?

A. No. There is no minimum age for DNA testing. In fact, newborns, children, and teens can be tested.

Q. Will Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, or Food affect the DNA Test?

A. No. Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, or food will NOT affect the DNA or the Results.

Q. Will my Results be kept Confidential?

A. Yes. Always we only provide results to the individuals who have been written on the Result Notification Form. Unlike other DNA Testing Companies, we DO NOT Share, Sell, or Distribute your information into a data bank for others to find or locate you.100% Confidential Privacy Policy

Q. Is your tests Court Admissible or Legally Binding?

A. We offer home paternity testing and legal paternity testing. Our home paternity test results are simply done for peace of mind, and are informational only. We also offer Legally Binding aka Court Admissible DNA Test at our Omaha, Nebraska office clinic.

Q. I live in New York; can I still order a test kit?

A. No, Due to New York State Laws, My Forever DNA is not authorized to sell, ship, or perform testing for New York State residence.

Q. Do I need the consent of the child’s Mother?

A. No. There are no specific laws prohibiting an at Home or Peace of Mind DNA test from being performed without the consent of a legal guardian.

Q. Are the Results Easy to Read and Understand?

A. Yes, the results are very straight forward. We understand that for many clients, this will be their first experience with any kind of DNA testing. My Forever DNA has compiled a comprehensive guide to assist you in better understanding what your DNA test results are actually telling you. Understanding Your Results

Q. Is there an online portal to register my kit?

A. No, there is no online portal to register for. Instead, you’ll get the confidential results in the way you choose: by email or US Mail. We have many safety measures in place to ensure your data and information are always kept private and confidential.

Q. Is there a benefit from ordering directly from the My Forever DNA Website verses ordering from Amazon?

A. Yes, FASTER RESULTS! when you order directly from My Forever DNA via our website or by phone you have the ability to customize your kit, we keep you updated every step of the way from shipping to receiving your results.
• We ship to Multiple Locations
• We offer testing for several people to be tested at one time.
• 2 Day FedEx Shipping to you, we also include FedEx shipping back to our lab. (Amazon kits include standard USPS prepaid envelopes which can take up to 10 business days to be received at our lab and does not include the ability to track your package)
• Once your order has been shipped the tracking numbers are emailed to you.


A Revolutionary Discovery Unveils Unique DNA Breakthrough

In the realm of scientific innovation, Iowa State University stands out with its recent advancements in DNA research. Spearheaded by Eric Henderson and his dedicated team of two doctoral students, the university's cell biology lab has become a focal point for groundbreaking work in fabricating DNA nanoparticles. This endeavor builds on the foundational knowledge that DNA, the basic unit of life, consists of two helix strands—a structure that scientists have been able to manipulate into nanoparticles in the last few decades.

Henderson's journey, spanning over a decade, is marked by a transition from simple pencil and paper sketches to the utilization of an atomic microscope, highlighting the meticulous and sophisticated nature of their research process. The team's work in creating DNA nanoparticles is not just a testament to their perseverance but also to the potential these particles have for future applications in medicine, technology, and beyond.

The research at Iowa State University is a significant step forward in the field of genetics and nanotechnology, promising new possibilities for the use of DNA in ways previously unimagined. As we continue to explore the capabilities of DNA nanoparticles, the work of Henderson and his team serves as a beacon of innovation and discovery in the scientific community. LINK TO REFERENCE

Iowa State Discovery




What Does DNA Stand For, & How Does It Work?

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is the fundamental building block of life, acting as the blueprint for all living organisms. This complex molecule contains the instructions needed for an organism to develop, survive, and reproduce. Let's break down this fascinating topic into bite-sized pieces for easy understanding.

What does DNA stand for?

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It's a type of nucleic acid, one of the four major macromolecules essential for all forms of life.

What is DNA made of?

DNA is composed of two long strands forming a double helix, resembling a twisted ladder. Each strand is made of four types of nucleotide bases: adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). These bases pair up (A with T, and C with G) to form the "rungs" of the ladder. The sequence of these bases encodes genetic information.

What is the Function of DNA?

The main function of DNA is to store and transmit genetic information that dictates the characteristics of living organisms. This information determines everything from the color of your eyes to your susceptibility to certain diseases. When cells divide, DNA is replicated, ensuring that each new cell has a complete set of instructions.

How do we study the Molecular Structure of DNA?

The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick, marking a monumental breakthrough in the field of genetics. Today, we study DNA through various techniques, including DNA sequencing, which reads the sequences of the bases, and molecular cloning, which allows researchers to find and amplify specific sequences of DNA for study.

Why is DNA Frequently Mentioned on Shows like CSI?

DNA is a powerful tool in forensic science, often featured in crime shows like CSI. Due to its unique nature—no two individuals have the exact same DNA, except for identical twins—it can be used to identify suspects or victims in criminal investigations. DNA analysis can match evidence found at a crime scene with a suspect or connect a person to a particular location, object, or even another individual.

The CSI Effect: Does It Really Exist?

In Conclusion, DNA is the cornerstone of Genetic information, encoding the instructions for living organisms. Its discovery and the methods developed to study it have revolutionized biology, medicine, and forensic science, making it a topic of fascination not only in the scientific community but also in popular culture. Understanding DNA and its functions helps demystify the complexity of life and underscores the interconnectedness of all living beings.


How to Understand your Paternity Test Results

Your anticipation is finally over, and you have received your paternity test results. We understand that deciphering these results can be daunting, particularly due to the specialized legal and scientific terminology employed throughout the report. This detailed guide aims to simplify your journey through the paternity DNA test results, explaining each segment of the report with clarity and precision. Our goal is to make your DNA testing experience as straightforward and transparent as possible, acknowledging the deeply personal and sensitive nature of DNA testing.

Overview of Paternity Test Results

  • Report ID
  • Identification Information
  • Conclusion
  • Marker/Allele Size Data Table
  • Statistics
  • Verification(s)
  • Order ID


1. Report ID:

This unique identification number is assigned to your case by the laboratory.

2. Identifying Information:

This section contains specific details about each person involved in the test. It includes the collection date, which is the date the DNA samples were gathered. The Case ID, identical to the Report ID, indicates whether the individual is the alleged father (ending in AF) or the child (ending in C). The relationship status (whether the person is the alleged father or child) and the type of DNA sample provided (such as a mouth swab or hair) are also detailed here. Additionally, the race of each individual, as indicated on the DNA sample envelopes, is recorded; if not specified, it defaults to Caucasian. However, please be assured that the results remain accurate regardless of the race marked. This organization aids in the swift retrieval of cases from our database.

3. Conclusions:

The report will give one of two clear outcomes:

    • If it says the alleged father "cannot be excluded as the biological father," this means the evidence shows he IS the Biological Father of the Child.
    • If it says the alleged father "is excluded from paternity," this indicates he IS NOT the Biological Father of the Child.


4. Marker/Allele Size Data Table:

In our laboratory, we test a minimum of 24 DNA locations, known as "Markers," for each individual involved in the test and compare them. A child inherits one DNA segment from the mother and one from the father, known as "alleles." By employing specialized technology, we measure the length of alleles from each party and compare these lengths at each marker to identify matches. For example, the child (indicated in the 1C column) is tested for two alleles at each marker, and typically, at least one allele matches those of the alleged father (indicated in the 1AF column). Sometimes, mutations occur in the genetic makeup at these markers, either in the child or the alleged father. Our analysts consider these mutations when calculating and drawing conclusions, allowing for the possibility of paternity even in the case of mismatches.


What is the Paternity Index (PI)?

It's like a score that shows how likely the tested man is the child's biological father compared to any random man out there.

How is it calculated?

For each spot (locus) in the DNA we test, we give a score (PI). This score tells us the odds of the tested man being the father compared to a random man.

We then multiply all these scores together to get a big number called the Combined Paternity Index (CPI).

5. Statistics:

Paternity likelihood: This is represented as an odds ratio, illustrating the probability that the alleged father is the biological father compared to a randomly selected unrelated man of similar racial background. A "0" indicates non-paternity, while any other number signifies paternity, with the magnitude of the number reflecting the strength of evidence. For instance, a figure like 452409131 greatly supports paternity.

Probability: The report will show a percentage, either 0.00% or 99.99%.

  • 0.00% means there is NO biological father-child relationship.
  • 99.99% confirms the man IS the biological father of the child.

6. Verification(s):

Every report is meticulously reviewed and approved by either the Chief Scientific Officer or the Lab Director, ensuring accuracy through our advanced dual processing technology, which double-checks each test before the results are released. For tests that have legal implications, the completed report is officially signed and stamped by the laboratory's Notary Public on the day it is finalized. While the digital PDF version does not feature the physical stamp, it is nevertheless formally signed and dated, maintaining its official status.


This unique identification number is assigned to your case by My Forever DNA and is typically the same as your order number.


For more than a decade, My Forever DNA has stood at the forefront of home DNA testing, showcasing a legacy of excellence. We collaborate with the most highly accredited laboratories in the USA to provide results that are both accurate and confidential. Serving government agencies, businesses, and individuals across the nation, we are committed to delivering dependable and precise outcomes.

Further Questions?

For more information or assistance, please contact us at 402-800-7161 or email to speak with a DNA Specialist Today.


Stretching to the Sun and Beyond
Did you know your DNA is a real cosmic traveler? Unraveled, the DNA from each of your cells would measure about 6 feet. Given the 100 trillion cells in your body, all your DNA laid out would stretch over 110 billion miles—that's enough to zip to the sun and back around 600 times!   You Tube - Math & Science

Twins: Identically Different
Twins might share the same genes, but did you hear about the twins who aren't exactly the same? Thanks to lifestyle and environment, even identical twins can have slight differences. Plus, there's something called "chimerism," where one person can have two sets of DNA. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? You Tube - Family History Fanatics 

DNA: The Crime Solver
Imagine solving crimes with just a tiny bit of DNA. That's been happening since 1985! DNA testing first nailed a criminal in 1987, proving that science fiction isn't so fictional after all.

A Song Stored in DNA
Scientists have done something straight out of a future tale: storing "It’s a Small World" in the DNA of radiation-resistant bacteria. If there's ever a nuclear apocalypse, this might be how future beings hear our tunes! Duke University 

Goodbye, Spiky
Once upon a time, human males had spiky parts just like cats and bats. Thankfully, those genes left our DNA about 700,000 years ago. It seems monogamy might have made nature say, "You won't be needing these."

Neanderthal Relatives
Feeling prehistoric? All non-Africans have a bit of Neanderthal in them. DNA tests can even tell you how much of a caveperson you are, along with shedding light on your ancestors and potential health issues.

Typing the Human Genome
If you thought typing up a term paper was bad, consider this: typing the human genome at 60 words per minute for 8 hours a day would take 50 years. Talk about a lifelong project! PBS

Unexpected Relatives
Feeling unique? Well, you share 85% of your DNA with a mouse, 40% with a fruit fly, and yes, 41% with a banana. Next time you're peeling a banana, remember—it's kinda like family. TikTok - Illuminainc

These snippets from the world of genetics show just how bizarre, wonderful, and interconnected life really is. So, the next time you look up at the sun or munch on a banana, remember the incredible stories hidden within your DNA! 

Discovering Family Ties: The Benefits of Sibling DNA Testing

Sibling DNA testing has become an increasingly popular tool for individuals seeking to confirm or discover their biological relationships. This type of testing provides definitive answers, and including a sample from one of the sibling's biological mothers can significantly enhance the accuracy of the results. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the benefits of genetic testing for siblings and why it's advised to include a DNA sample from one of the siblings’ biological mothers.

1. Confirming Biological Relationships

Whether it’s due to adoption, family separation, or other circumstances, many individuals find themselves in situations where they need to confirm their biological relationships. Sibling DNA testing offers a reliable method to establish if two individuals are full siblings, half-siblings, or not related at all.

2. Legal and Inheritance Implications

In cases of inheritance disputes or when establishing legal rights, having clear proof of biological relationships is crucial. Including a DNA sample from one of the siblings’ biological mothers adds an extra layer of certainty to the results, which can be particularly important in legal situations.

3. Medical History and Health Risks

Uncovering potential health risks and inherited medical conditions is another benefit of genetic testing. Sibling DNA testing can play a crucial role in mapping out your family's medical history, providing valuable information for preventive health measures.

4. Building Family Connections

Many people choose to undergo sibling DNA testing simply to build or rebuild family connections. Discovering your biological siblings can lead to meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging that many seek.

5. Why Include a Biological Mother’s DNA?

Including a sample from one of the siblings’ biological mothers significantly increases the accuracy of the sibling DNA test. It helps to eliminate half of the genetic material in the equation, allowing the lab to focus solely on the paternal side. This is especially crucial when trying to determine if two individuals share the same biological father. Learn more about the scientific benefits of including a mother's DNA in the testing process.

6. How Does the Process Work?

The process of sibling DNA testing is straightforward and non-invasive. Cheek swabs are the most common method for collecting DNA samples, and the inclusion of a biological mother's DNA follows the same simple procedure. Discover the step-by-step process of sibling DNA testing and what to expect.

7. Choosing the Right DNA Testing Provider

Selecting a reputable and reliable DNA testing provider is paramount. Look for companies with a strong track record, like My Forever DNA, that provide accurate results, confidentiality, and support throughout the process.

8. In Conclusion

Sibling DNA testing offers a powerful tool for those seeking to confirm their biological relationships. Including a sample from one of the siblings’ biological mothers enhances the accuracy and reliability of the test, providing peace of mind and clear answers. Whether you are seeking to resolve legal matters, understand your health risks, or connect with family, sibling DNA testing provides a pathway to the truth.

Navigate through your genetic journey with confidence, and learn more about the wide range of DNA testing options available at My Forever DNA.

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Exploring Alternative Discreet Samples for Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA testing has become an invaluable tool for confirming biological relationships, providing peace of mind and legal clarity. Traditionally, cheek (buccal) swabs are the standard method for collecting DNA samples, but in certain situations, individuals may seek more discreet alternatives. In this article, we delve into the world of paternity testing using alternative DNA samples.

1. The Need for Discretion

There are various reasons why someone might seek a paternity test without the knowledge of the involved parties. It could be for personal reassurance, preparing for a future legal case, or even out of curiosity. Regardless of the reason, the need for discretion is paramount. In such cases, alternative DNA samples come into play. 

2. Unconventional DNA Sources

Hair strands, nail clippings, and even used tissues can serve as potential DNA sources for paternity testing. These items can be collected without the knowledge of the person being tested, ensuring a discreet process. Learn more about alternative DNA sources and their viability for paternity testing.

3. Accuracy and Reliability

While alternative DNA samples offer a covert way to perform a paternity test, it’s crucial to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. Professional DNA testing services, such as My Forever DNA, provide the expertise needed to handle these unconventional samples, ensuring that the integrity of the results is maintained.

4. Legal Considerations

It’s important to note that while discreet DNA samples can provide personal answers, they may not be admissible in court. For legal paternity tests, the collection process needs to be witnessed, and chain-of-custody procedures followed. If you need a paternity test for legal reasons, consult with legal DNA testing experts to understand the proper procedures.

5. Ethical Considerations

The decision to use discreet DNA samples for paternity testing also brings about ethical considerations. Respecting privacy is paramount, and it’s essential to weigh the potential impact of uncovering familial relationships without consent. Seek guidance from ethical guidelines in genetic testing to navigate this sensitive area responsibly.

6. The Emotional Impact

Discovering the truth about paternity can have profound emotional impacts on all parties involved. It’s advisable to consider the potential outcomes and prepare for the emotional journey ahead. Resources such as counseling and support can provide the necessary guidance during this time.

7. The Future of Paternity Testing

As technology advances, the field of paternity testing continues to evolve. Research into non-invasive prenatal paternity testing and other innovative methods is ongoing, providing hope for even more discreet and accessible options in the future. Stay informed about the latest advancements in DNA testing.

8. Choosing the Right Testing Service

Selecting a reputable and reliable DNA testing service is crucial, especially when dealing with discreet samples. Look for providers with a proven track record, such as My Forever DNA, to ensure that you receive accurate and confidential results.

In Conclusion

Paternity DNA testing using discreet samples offers a private means of uncovering the truth about biological relationships. While it provides an alternative to traditional cheek swabs, it’s vital to consider the accuracy, legal, and ethical aspects of such testing. Navigate this sensitive journey with the right support, information, and professional guidance to ensure a responsible and informed experience. Discover more about paternity testing and find a testing option that suits your needs at My Forever DNA.



We've Created the Fastest Way to Get a DNA Test:
Start Getting Answers Today

You've waited long enough for DNA answers. The Make Your Own Kit (MYOK) from My Forever DNA lets you begin the testing process today without any need to wait for a kit to arrive. Learn about the fastest way to get your DNA results!

Why Choose the MYOK?

Do you have pressing DNA questions that you want to finally settle? Are you eager to get answers about paternity? Do you need extra privacy when conducting a DNA test? You may be a good candidate for a Make Your Own Kit (MYOK). Countless people from around the world have already received the answers they're seeking from the comfort of home. Using a MYOK, you can get accurate, professional results from an AABB-Accredited lab in the United States without a trip to a clinic or doctor's office. This is a secret DNA test with no waiting. Options include:

  • DNA Paternity Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Twin Zygosity DNA Test
  • Full Sibling DNA Test
  • Half Sibling DNA Test
  • Grandparent DNA Test
  • Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

With an ordinary DNA paternity test or familial DNA test, it's necessary to wait for a kit to be sent to you after placing your order online. The MYOK is a different type of home DNA paternity test that allows you to get your test results with added speed and privacy. There's no wait time! Once you complete your purchase online, you can begin collecting your DNA samples as soon as you receive your confirmation email. You can send samples to our lab for analysis the same day. Most My Forever DNA customers get their results within one to three business days after arrival of DNA Samples to Lab.

Can You Make Your Own DNA Test Kit?

Absolutely! At My Forever DNA, we understand your need for a discreet and confidential DNA test that you can complete at home. With standard DNA tests, kits that are mailed to your home can raise suspicions. That's why we designed the MYOK test option to allow you to complete a professional DNA test at home without a designated kit. We'll tell you exactly how to assemble your own kit using everyday objects in your home to create a package that our lab can use to conduct Accurate, Fast DNA testing at our state-of-the-art facility located in the Midwest. Nothing is shipped to your home at any point during your DNA testing process with the MYOK from My Forever DNA

How Does It Work?

You can start the process of getting DNA results right now! First, purchase a MYOK test from You'll immediately receive an email containing the instructions you need to conduct your at-home DNA test. Unlike testing kits that require you to use materials that obviously belong to a DNA kit, our MYOK test is designed to allow you to use everyday objects in your home to extract DNA samples. Here's all you need:

  • Printer - To download and print out simple step-by-step instructions. If you don’t have a printer, you can handwrite the needed information.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Paper envelopes.
  • Tape.
  • A pen.
  • Scissors.

Following the step-by-step directions found in your confirmation email, you'll collect DNA samples on your own. Next, you'll mail your DNA samples in an envelope with the Completed Result Notification form that is included in your confirmation email to our lab for analysis. Once your homemade kit arrives at our lab, you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know! This speedy option that cuts out the need to wait for a kit to arrive at your home allows you to expedite the testing process to get your answers faster! You also don't have to worry about a DNA testing kit being intercepted by a member of your household.

What Objects Can Be Used for a DNA Test at Home?

When you order your MYOK test from My Forever DNA, you'll be given detailed instructions that cover the best items for collecting DNA. When doing a direct collection, using a clean Q-tip/cotton swab to collect cheek cells is ideal.

If you're looking for a DNA test using Discreet or Alternative Samples, you have come to the right place! MYOK is a great way to send alternative or discreet DNA Samples instead of a kit being shipped. Some of the alternative or discrete DNA samples we recommend include toothbrushes, razors, tissues, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and bandages. Any object that is likely to contain earwax, mucus, dried blood, hair, or nail clippings is ideal.

Can a Home DNA Test Be Accurate?

While there was a time when it was necessary to visit a testing facility to conduct a DNA paternity test, technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds in recent years. You can now use a simple DNA paternity test kit to get results that are 99.999% accurate! My Forever DNA is a pioneer in accurate, affordable at-home DNA tests that allow our customers to get the definitive answers they've been longing for after having questions about their genetic identities.

My Forever DNA ensures the greatest level of accuracy possible by testing for up to 46 DNA (Genetic) Markers. Most other DNA labs only test for between 16 and 21 markers. Additionally, we include the gender identification marker amelogenin to allow you to have the highest confidence in your results possible. In fact, our DNA testing procedures meet all requirements for court-ordered DNA tests. Our home DNA tests are processed in the same lab used for legal DNA tests to provide eager, curious at-home clients with the same level of accuracy and impeccability we provide to our legal clients.

Can I Do an Online DNA Test from My Forever DNA If I'm Outside of the United States?

Yes! In fact, the Make Your Own Kit is an ideal option for customers living outside of the United States who want accurate results from an accredited laboratory in the United States. With this wait-free option, international customers can avoid extra shipping fees and long wait times. Simply begin the process today from wherever you are in the world!

Start Your DIY Online DNA Test Today

My Forever DNA has created the easiest way to get a DNA test online! Don't settle for substitutes that are tested at low-quality labs around the world. Only My Forever DNA provides MYOK testing that is 99.999% accurate. If you don't have a need to be discreet, you can also order a traditional DNA test kit from My Forever DNA with materials and instructions that will be shipped directly to your home discreetly with FedEx. Your experience will be 100% confidential regardless of which My Forever DNA option you choose. Start the journey to getting your definitive answer today!


Your DNA is your story. At My Forever DNA, we want to help you get the answers you need using an easy, affordable home DNA collection kit that offers trusted results. We know that there's a lot of anxiety around submitting a DNA paternity test, sibling DNA test, grandparent DNA test, or any other DNA test that is going to potentially change your life. We want to help you skip a stress-inducing, inconvenient trip to a medical office. My Forever DNA is a boutique DNA testing company offering accurate, confidential, fast, and affordable results. Discover why we've earned nearly five stars on Amazon based on reviews from real customers!

You're Never Doing This Alone When You Choose My Forever DNA

We know that the process of DNA testing can be stressful. You don't have to feel like you're doing your DNA test at home on your own just because you've decided to skip a visit to a clinic! When customers choose to get the answers, they need using My Forever DNA, they get personalized customer care. Once your sample arrives at our lab, you'll be assigned a dedicated My Forever DNA customer care specialist who will provide you with updates along the way. This specialist will email you as soon as your samples come in to let you know what to expect for your timeline!

Trustworthy Answers About Paternity

Can I trust an at-home DNA kit? Thousands of customers already have! We understand why you might be concerned about using an at-home test to check paternity. With technology moving so quickly, you may not be aware that the same level of accuracy that was once only available through a doctor's office or medical clinic can now be enjoyed from the comfort of home using a mail-in DNA-testing service. This is something that you can do discreetly simply by ordering your kit online without involving doctors.


An Easy Process 

My Forever DNA has designed an exceptional customer experience from start to finish! You don't need any kind of laboratory experience in order to use your user-friendly DNA test kit. When we FedEx your kit to you after you make your purchase online, you'll receive instructions that are easy to follow. Here's what you'll receive in your kit once you place your order:

  • Easy to Read, Step-by-step Instructions.
  • All of the materials needed to perform your at-home test without any need for professional assistance
  • Results Notification Form
  • Sterile cheek swabs.
  • DNA Sample Envelopes.
  • FedEx Envelope – Prepaid/Addresses FedEx Envelope to return your DNA Samples back to lab for FASTER results 

In the event that you have questions, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be here to help you. Simply use the contact information included with your kit to get your questions answered quickly. We take pride in offering the best customer service possible because we understand that you may feel like you're dealing with some very high stakes if you're using an at-home paternity DNA test to get answers regarding your genetic background.

Accurate Testing


Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB) 

(formerly American Association of Blood Banks)

The AABB’s Relationship Testing Accreditation program is the international gold standard for DNA paternity testing laboratories. The program establishes and promotes the highest standards of testing quality and care for patients and clients in all aspects of parentage and other relationship testing. Most courts and other government agencies mandate that DNA tests be performed by AABB-accredited laboratories.

College of American Pathologists (CAP)

The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is recognized by the federal government as being equal to or more stringent that the government’s own laboratory inspection program.

ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 (formerly ACLASS)

ANAB is an international laboratory accreditation organization and is signatory of the IAF and IAAC multilateral cooperative arrangements (MLAs). Through the IAF, ILAC, IAAC, and APLAC MRAs/MLAs and the Multilateral Cooperative Accreditation Arrangement, ANAB cooperates with other accreditation bodies around the world ensuring that accredited certificates are recognized nationally and internationally. ISO/IEC 17025 is the international standard set for ensuring the technical competency of laboratories and covers every aspect of laboratory management including to name a few, sample preparation, analytical testing proficiency, record keeping and reports.

ISO 9001

Assessed by three different and independent accrediting organizations, using technical experts in the field, to the ISO/IEC 17025 international standards for the technical competence of calibration and testing labs. In meeting the strict ISO/IEC 17025 standards, also in compliance with the ISO-9001 requirements.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

The CLIA accreditation issued by the US Department of Health ensures laboratory results are timely, accurate, and reliable.

Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

The SCC is Canada’s national accreditation body. Because SCC accreditation is based on internationally recognized criteria (ISO/IEC 17025), SCC accreditation provides confidence and credibility in both Canada and abroad.

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)

NATA is a national organization that provides the independent assurance of the technical competence of a laboratory meeting stringent international and Australian standards & ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Ministry of Justice

The MOJ is a ministerial department that works to protect the public and reduce reoffending while providing a more effective, transparent, and responsive criminal justice system for victims and the public in the United Kingdom.

My Forever DNA’s contracted laboratory and its scientists operate under the guidelines of the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB). Your DNA will be tested twice in an AABB-accredited lab to ensure validity. Our contracted testing facilities are held to the highest standards for accuracy and proficiency in DNA testing. 

While you may be taking a DNA test for your own peace of mind, you can rest assured that your sample is being handled according to the same standards required for legal DNA tests. That means that you're getting what you might call court-level accuracy when you choose My Forever DNA!

We're proud to share that at-home DNA test kits from My Forever DNA are nearly 100% accurate. Let us tell you a little bit about the process to help you get some peace of mind about your decision to use an at-home DNA test kit to get the answers you so desperately deserve. First, My Forever DNA scientists operate under the guidelines of the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB). Your DNA will be tested twice in an AABB-accredited lab to ensure validity.

My Forever DNA doesn't just stop at what's required for valid DNA testing. We actually test for up to 46 DNA markers. Most other DNA labs offering at-home test kits only test for between 16 and 21 markers. This fact alone means that My Forever DNA tests for the highest number of markers in the industry!

Fast, Confidential DNA Results

Your fast and confidential DNA results from My Forever DNA can be expected back in just one to three business days after our lab has received your sample! Keep in mind that we will need to receive samples from all parties involved when you are sending in two different samples from parties located at different addresses. Once all DNA samples are received at our lab, we'll provide you with an email notification. We want our customers to know that we have comprehensive measures in place to ensure that your data stays 100% protected throughout the entire process.

Freedom to Review Your Results Using Your Preferred Method

We know that waiting for your DNA test results can be a nerve-racking experience! That's we do our best to provide you with the highest level of control possible when it comes to managing your results. In addition to offering the fastest results possible, we also give our customers the option to choose how they want to receive their results. My Forever DNA test results can be returned to you via email or snail mail. 

A Flat Price with No Surprises

Are you looking for an affordable DNA paternity test kit? There's no need to worry about hidden lab fees with My Forever DNA! We know that some clinics like to spread out costs by charging for a consultation, testing, and results in stages. We believe that this is a confusing and predatory way to handle customer service. That's why you'll always pay a flat, one-time fee with My Forever DNA. DNA testing is complicated for most of us. The way you get your test done doesn't have to be! Experience white-glove service with My Forever DNA by ordering your at-home DNA paternity test kit online for a flat rate with no extra hidden costs today.

Can DNA Paternity Testing Really Be Simple?

There's nothing like the feeling of getting a definitive result if you've been struggling with paternity questions. If you're wondering how to establish paternity, a DNA paternity test is the answer. While there was a time when this required a visit to a clinic if you wanted to get valid, accurate results, you can now purchase a DNA paternity test kit that can be completed at home. This article answers all your questions about paternity testing.

What Is Paternity Testing?

DNA paternity testing establishes a biological parent-child relationship. Every person inherits deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from both their mother and father. In the case of a paternity test, profiles are created for the alleged father and child that can be compared to determine if genetic markers indicate a match. Tests will either confirm a genetic parental match or exclude someone from being a biological parent.

Here at My Forever DNA, our laboratory tests the highest number of DNA genetic markers in the industry. While most DNA labs stop at 16 or 21 DNA markers, we test Up to 34 DNA (Genetic) Markers! Your sample will be handled and tested at a USA-based lab with the highest number of accreditations possible in the DNA-testing industry. 

Do You Have to Be in the Same Room to Do a Paternity Test?

No! DNA samples can be collected from separate people living miles apart! When samples are sent to a lab, unique identification numbers make it possible to pair samples together. There is no reduction in testing accuracy when a potential father and child submit samples from different locations.

How Accurate Is DNA Based Paternity Testing?

DNA testing for both maternity and paternity is considered to be highly reliable. So, can DNA tests confirm father? Yes, according to government data, the reliability of DNA testing to prove parenthood has advanced to the industry-accepted standard of 99.999%.

Paternity Testing Doesn't Have to Be Invasive

Parental DNA testing can be both accurate and discreet. While invasive blood tests that require a technician to draw blood with a needle are often used by doctors when DNA testing is requested, saliva is considered to be even more reliable. That's why DNA kits today use a cheek swab. This easy, pain-free option can be used for kids of all ages. Additionally, it can be possible to achieve accuracy near 100% using samples originating from toothbrushes, hair, fingernail clippings, ear wax, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and more.

What Are Some Reasons Why a Person Might Use a Home DNA Paternity Kit?

Let's be honest for a minute about why most people search for an easy legal paternity test online. Curiosity is one of the driving factors behind why people take DNA tests. In some cases, it's a nagging curiosity that makes a person feel like something just isn't right. In other cases, it's a curiosity that drives someone to confirm a paternal relationship after finally connecting with someone who may be a match. Common reasons why people use DNA paternity test kits include:

  • Custody Situations: A paternity test can be the final word in a custody case. For fathers, a paternity test allows custody or visitation requests to move forward. For mothers, a paternity test can determine the other party's right to have visitation with a child.
  • Child Support: Data from the United States Census Bureau shows that just 44% of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support they are entitled to receive. Many cases are stagnant because the male denies being the biological parent of the child that is not being supported. For men who are paying child support in a situation that raises questions, a DNA paternity test kit can provide valuable answers.
  • Inheritance Rights: When a family member dies without a settled estate, paternity testing can help to determine default legal heirs. It can even be used to contest a will.
  • Benefits Rights: Proving paternity can help to open access to Social Security payments or life insurance rewards.
  • Citizenship Eligibility: In situations where birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other forms of documentation are not available, DNA paternity testing can potentially be used as proof in citizen and immigration cases.
  • Access to a Child's Complete Medical History: When a child is able to confirm a genetic paternal relationship, they gain more than just confirmation of their father's identity. They gain a full library of information regarding family medical history. Believing that the wrong person is your father prevents you from knowing about conditions and diseases that you inherited from birth. This can prevent you from seeking essential preventative screenings or treatments.

Of course, the most important reason why a person might pursue a paternal DNA test is peace of mind. A paternity test can put to rest questions about a genetic relationship between two people. For many people who seek these tests, confirmation can help fathers to establish stronger emotional bonds with their children because they are able to put away questions. A person may feel that it's hard to truly move forward in life until they can get that definitive answer that will make them feel that they are part of an authentic, permanent parental relationship with a child that they know and love.

What Is the Easiest Way to Do Paternity Testing?

There's no doubt that emotions are running high if you're looking for an easy online DNA kit. This is precisely why we developed My Forever DNA to help you get an accurate, affordable paternity kit quickly. Our customers get guaranteed 99.999% accurate results in just three days after their samples arrive at our lab!

Which DNA Test Is Best For Finding the Father?

Have you seen us in the news lately? In addition to earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), My Forever DNA has been voted a #1 DNA testing company by Verywell Family, The Chicago Tribune, and many more! Unlike DNA testing companies that store your data in a searchable bank that can be mined by others, we never sell or share your information. This is 100% confidential DNA paternity testing that doesn't make money from your data the way that, 23and Me, Family Tree, and so many other big names do. Order your Home DNA Paternity Test Kit today for peace of mind through paternity testing. We believe that it's never too early, too late, or too difficult to get accurate answers!


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