Discreet Alternative Specimen DNA Testing

At My Forever DNA, we understand that some situations require secret DNA testing. For those who want to test an individual without asking for a cheek swab, there are several alternative ways to gather a sample. Discreet testing is possible using samples such as hair, toothbrushes, fingernail clippings, ear wax swabs, cigarette butts, chewing gum, and much more. Check our complete list of acceptable sources for alternative samples.

There is no additional cost for discreet DNA testing.

Simply purchase any of our DNA test kits and provide an alternative sample for one or more of the individuals being tested. It is acceptable to send an alternative sample for one individual and a standard cheek swab for the other person being tested.

 Paternity Test Kit (1 Alleged Father + 1 Child)

 Paternity – Make Your Own Kit (1 Alleged Father + 1 Child)

 Paternity – At Home – (1 Alleged Father + 2 Children)

 Paternity Make Your Own Kit (1 Alleged Father + 2 Children)

 Sibling – At Home

 Sibling – Make Your Own Kit

PLEASE NOTE: My Forever DNA cannot guarantee there will be a sufficient amount of DNA to obtain results when sending in alternative DNA samples for testing. We will do our very best to provide you with the results. However, the success rate depends on the quality of the alternative DNA sample provided. If any sample has insufficient DNA, a new sample will be requested for an additional fee, and no refund will be applicable. Every additional alternative DNA Sample sent for the same individual will be an additional $60 Fee.

Contact us with any questions regarding these type of samples. Call 1-402-800-7161 or email sales@myforeverdna.com.

How to Collect & Ship DNA Samples
Sample Comment(s) Shipping Instruction(s) Success Rate
Collect Swab Sample Buccal (Cheek Swab) samples collected directly from willing individual Ship in Paper Envelope 99%
Blood (Whole) Medical blood tube drawn in Vacutainer Ship in Original Tube 99%
Blood Stains Band Aids, Tampons, Bloody Tissues Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Cigarette Butts 2 to 4 Butts Ship in Paper Envelope 65%
Clothing Hats, Baseball Caps, Underwear, Bandana Ship in Paper Bag 50%
Dental Floss Do Not Touch with Fingers Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Ear wax Cotton Swab or Q-tip Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Gum Do not touch the Gum with fingers, Sugar-Free Gum is Preferred Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Hair Roots or Follicles must be attached. Hair from a brush or comb may not work. Need at least 10 to 15 hairs. Ship in Paper Envelope 80%
Nails (Finger / Toe) Freshly cut nails work best. Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Razors Place Razor in a Paper Envelope Ship in Paper Envelope 40%
Sperm / Semen Condoms, undergarments, clothing, etc. Ship in Paper Envelope 90%
Toothbrush Air-Dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes Ship in Paper Envelope 75%
Used Kleenex Nasal Mucos Ship in Paper Envelope 90%